A site with the taste of Italy.

Zeta is a brand known for their Italian quality products. That, and the new brand profile, came in handy while designing and building their new site.

It was time for Zeta to change publishing platform. The new website is using the world’s most used CMS, WordPress, which we’re very familiar with. The new design is responsive, making sure that the Zeta brand doesn’t disappear in the simpleness of smaller screens.

The new Zeta site was more than just design and development. Content needed to be centralised to avoid unnecessary copy and pasting. To solve this problem, we built a central content hub for recipes and products. This makes it possible for the client to use their content on multiple sites, some of which we worked on in parallel with Zeta.

Zeta’s site communicates with the content hub using the WordPress REST API, something we’ve been using a lot lately. This solution gave Zeta and the client, Gruppo Di Luca, a better way to work with content across their network of sites, saving them time and money.