The first site with the new Bonnier Tidskrifter editorial platform look and feel.

Odd Alice previously moved VeckoRevyn from Episerver to WordPress, in the import project we’ve done with Bonnier Tidskrifter. It’s time for the next step for VeckoRevyn, by launching a new design.

The new version of  VeckoRevyn uses an improved version of the editorial platform we’ve built previously for Bonnier Tidskrifter. We’re calling this iteration of the platform’s visual look and feel Cooperstown, and just as the previous version, Cooperstown is built to make it easy to launch new sites.

It’s not only the editorial sites that’ve gotten a new look and feel, the blogs have a version of it too. They’re easier to read, and we think both readers and bloggers will appreciate this update.

VeckoRevyn is the first site on the Bonnier Tidskrifter editorial platform launching with the new design. More will follow, you can count on it!


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