VeckoRevyn app for iPhone and iPad

VeckoRevyn on your homescreen.

We didn’t only build a new site for VeckoRevyn, we also built an app for iPhone and iPad! In fact, we built an app platform to go with the updated web platform.

VeckoRevyn is the first app on the new app platform, which is built using React and Swift. The app is universal, and works on both iPhone and iPad. It fetches content from VeckoRevyn (through a REST API), and presents it in a user friendly way. You’ll also find the VeckoRevyn blogs within the app, and get push notifications for important updates. No internet connection? No problem! You can save articles for offline reading as well.

The VeckoRevyn app is available on the App Store as a free download.

tripple iphone_veckorevyn


ipad standing+horizontal_veckorevyn