We’re Odd Alice – a Stockholm based digital agency making the web a better place by crafting beautiful and well made responsive sites, as well as putting WordPress to good use.

Hiring a junior front-end developerMarch 17, 2015

We’re looking to hire a junior front-end developer to our Stockholm office. If you’re interested, and can read Swedish, then by all means check out the job posting on the Swedish site.

GB Glace

Tasty ice creams in a colorful responsive package

Finally!February 24, 2015

We know, we know, it’s about time we got us a proper site in English. Welcome to Odd Alice, a digital agency that specializes in the web, preferably built using open source tools.

Welcome baby ElliotFebruary 20, 2015

We’d like to congratulate our project manager Rickard, and join him welcoming Elliot to the Odd Alice family. Hopefully Elliot will join us building a better web in two decades or so.

Föreningen Norden

A network of member associations

BlankPage is a finalist for Stockholms stads InnovationsstipendiumDecember 11, 2014

BlankPage was chosen as a finalist for Stockholms stads Innovationsstipendium, but didn’t end up winning the prize. Better luck next time, right?


Writing tool in the cloud for authors on the go

Veidekke Bostad and Bolig

Presenting new homes in Swedish and Norwegian

More to comeJanuary 1, 2010

We’re only just starting to add a select backlog of clients to our site. Expect more portfolio entries in the future.